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Temiscaming, Quebec, Canada


Pulp, Paper, & Wood Manufacturing

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Des-Case Extreme Duty Breather (DC-XD-6)

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For over three decades, Tembec Inc. has solidified its position as one of the leading integrated forest product companies. With over thirty pulp, paper, and wood product manufacturing operations across the globe and $2 billion in sales, Tembec Inc. remains focused on safety, efficiency, environmental stewardship, and quality, leading to uncompromised success in the market and a solid network of dedicated customers.

"The Des-Case Extreme Duty Breather is a one-of-a-kind contamination control product that is cost efficient and performed beyond our expectations."

Garry L. Sands — Machinery Lubrication Technician II & Vibration Analysis

The Challenge:

Tembec’s environment is one in which the humidity level and condensation is extremely unforgiving. A line of steam turbine hydraulic reservoirs presented a challenge for the Tembec team who were looking for a product that could withstand a vast amount of moisture in the air, as well as, eliminate the moisture that was already residing inside the head space of the equipment.

Within the most problematic area of concern, a normal desiccant breather would have to be replaced approximately every two weeks. The Tembec team was challenged to not only find a product that could combat the severely humid environment, but also to find a solution that was cost efficient.

Once contacted by Des-Case, Tembec took advantage of the free Breather Sample Program and requested an Extreme Duty Breather (DC-XD-6) to see if this particular breather had the capacity and performance specifications to operate successfully within their overly saturated environment.

The Solution:

The Extreme Duty Breather (DC-XD-6) provided by Des-Case’s Breather Sample Program, was installed on Tembec’s steam turbine hydraulic reservoir in late October 2010.

After approximately six months in commission the breather is still actively performing. The integrated check valve system within the Extreme Duty Breather has been flawlessly effective in keeping the humidity out of the reservoir, as well as, showing cost efficiency by providing longevity and capability of product.

The Extreme Duty Breather’s rugged and durable designed housing easily combated Tembec’s harsh and humid environment. The multi-tiered filtration process effectively pulled the moisture out of the machinery’s headspace eliminating contamination within the equipment while enriching the life of the machinery.

Outfitting equipment with an Extreme Duty Breather from the Des-Case Sample Program proved to be an effective, cost efficient way to ensure Tembec had the right product for their need, as well as, one that easily remedied the problem at hand. Des-Case has maintained leadership in the contamination control industry for over twenty-five years by bringing customers a variety of reliable breather products while providing unmatched customer programs, solutions, and service.


Product Specifications:

  • Automotive grade housing
  • Resilient in a variation of temperature ranges
  • Three layers of protection to 0.3μ absolute
  • Water vapor absorbent, silica gel absorbs water from incoming air
  • Internal check valve system
  • Solid standpipe design offers increased vibration resistance
  • Ideal for: harsh environments, mobile equipment, nautical applications

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Des-Case Corporation was founded in 1983 to provide the lubricant industry with innovative solutions to extend oil and equipment life. The original breather was the brainchild of the Company founder, Jim Waller, who responded to the request of an engineer at a major oil company looking for a way to enhance the performance and longevity of his products. As a filtration engineer by trade, Jim’s entrepreneurial spirit took hold with this opportunity and the breather was created and put into production.


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